Congratulations to Jesse Zhu

One of our members of the New Star family has participated in the YRAA Table Tennis Championships, this member has victoriously won the YRAA championship.

Here are some generous words from him; “On May 29 I participated the YRAA table tennis championships. It was located in Pan Am Center in Markham. There were approximately 16 different school. I honorably represented Middlefield Collegiate to compete with other high skilled players. I was very lucky that I didn’t encounter a very strong player before I qualified to the final. The other finalist name is Sourena from Bayview. During semifinal he beats my teammate Nigel. He has a good control of the ball and our game was very intense and exciting. Luckily I catches the opportunity when he gives me a high ball when the score was 14:13, so I won the first game. Second game I get along with his servers and his strategy, and I eventually won the match 2:0. He is a very respectful player who shows sportsmanship. I hope to see him next year. I feel very happy to win the tournament, it’s an exciting experience during my high school life.” He defeated all his opponments and gain the title of first in the YRAA Table Tennis Championships. New Star Table Tennis Club would like to congratulate him once more.